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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

From the moment children walk through our door, they are welcomed by our highly-trained staff. Our hygienists and doctors make your son or daughter’s visit comfortable and easy by using kid-friendly terms, giving step-by-step directions, and offering the best advice to parents and children to improve their oral health. 

  • Our offices look more like a play-space than a dental office included with games and prizes. It is our goal to make dentistry fun, and our doctors know how to interact with children so they are not fearful.
  • We are the first office in the area to offer a Therapy Dog to both our pediatric and orthodontic patients. Therapy Dogs are specially trained and certified to seek out those who are anxious or nervous and offer affection and comfort. All dogs are accompanied by their Handler (owner) and visits are optional to all patients.
  • Our bilingual staff members are open to answer any questions that you might have about your visit.
  • Our experienced doctors and staff have been serving the community for over 33+ years. Our seasoned staff brings knowledge, fresh ideas, experience, and an innovative approach to each patient. We look forward to meeting your family and welcoming them into our Commerce Park family!
  • We gladly accept all insurances and it would be our pleasure to submit paperwork for you.
  • Every child is unique, whether they have special needs, complicated medical histories, or are just nervous around new people, we know we need to give them individualized care and attention.
  • From individualized treatment routines, to “comfort/sensory tools,” from acclimation low-stress visits to take-home preparation packets, we do whatever we can to make a child’s transition to dental patient easier. Our goal is to make our patients comfortable and set them at ease so we can help them grow cavity-free with a positive dental attitude.

We offer the finest pediatric dental and orthodontic care available in the Bridgeport, Shelton & Westport, CT area, in a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for you and your child.

At Commerce Park Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics, finding new ways to provide excellent pediatric dental care and orthodontics is our top priority. We invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule your child's first visit and first step toward a lifetime of healthy smiles!