"Best experience at this office. They are very kind and professional." November 2023

"I can't say enough good about the staff in the Shelton office. I have but been to the other locations. Everyone is so caring and kind to your child. Highly recommend. A+++" November 2023

"My kids have been going there for about 10 years and I love the doctor and the staff." November 3, 2023

"EVERYONE was phenomenal! The hygienist and the dentist was very understanding and patient! This location is my favorite and will drive the extra ride! My girls are so scared of the dentist." October 19, 2023


"They have an amazing staff, always helpful." - Luciana


" They were kind and caring with my seven- year- old who is getting sealents for the first time." - Tess V.


" Amazing as always." - Jen B.


"Office stuff is so nice." - Michael P,


" From the beginning, to the last appoint, it was an easy expirence, all the staff is very accommodating and friendly. Doctor and technician answered all mu son's questions. Highly recommend this practice." Giovanna T.


"The staff were very attentive and the dentist followed up on my child after he had an extraction. An Amazing expirence."- Dorothy D.


" They Kept us informed of everything they were doing and asked us if we had any questions after they explained it to us." -Cory M.


“It’s always a pleasant experience when coming here. I have been bringing my children here since they were little.”- Anonymous


“My child has autism. This dental office is the one you need to bring your children to. The staff here is exceptional! Our dental hygienist Annie was so patient and caring, and worked miracles with our child. The doctors are great at answering my questions and concerns. We have been to several dental offices, and this practice is the only one that my child and I feel comfortable at. They are truly the best pediatric dental office in the area.”

“We made a couple unsuccessful trips to other dentists before finding Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics. We had heard about Annie from a classmate of our son’s. They are clearly trained to help children with special needs. They have a PowerPoint on their website that was so helpful to help our child know what to expect, knowing that with his disability he is very visual. They also had a great visual story and sensory toy for him to hold during his visit. We were also seen in a private room, which I truly appreciated. Our previous experiences were so incredibly stressful on all of us. We have finally found a place that knows how handle our special child.”

“Thank you Commerce Park from the bottom of my heart! I will be sure and tell all our friends!” — Anonymous

“So, finding out that my five-year-old little girl had six cavities was definitely a parenting low point for me. I was so sad for her, and I was so concerned about her experience in repairing these teeth and paving the way for a beautiful adult smile. To complicate the situation, I had to deal with my daughter’s fear of medical procedures. My daughter had some health issues and a dramatic ER visit a couple years ago. Since then, she has been very wary of any sort of medical appointment — even her annual physicals. Our family dentist referred us to a different local pediatric dentist. We went for one visit and it was so bad that it made my daughter’s resistance to fixing her teeth even more of a challenge. I was beside myself; I didn’t know what to do.”

“Thankfully, we found Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics. Everyone is amazing! And, I mean EVERYONE ... from the person who greets you, to the dental assistants and, of course, the doctors. They have thought through every detail of your child’s experience with incredible attention to detail — the interior design of the space, the words the staff members use to encourage and calm the children, and even the small rewards that they give the kids.”

“Dr. Ritter got my daughter through four appointments to fill her six cavities. Keep in mind ... that means I got her BACK to the dentist’s chair three times for one-hour appointments. This is not easy for an adult, let alone a nervous and reluctant five-year-old. The staff at Commerce Park created an atmosphere where she could succeed. So, thank you so very much to everyone on staff! And, my advice to other parents is, don’t go anywhere else first. Our children have a limited bandwidth for being brave and facing new things. Go to Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics first to minimize (and even eliminate) their stress and get the very best results.” — Jenna Wilkinson Roche

“Thank you so much for making our first trip to the dentist a fun one for our daughter, Michaela. Even though she was not too fond of the fluoride application, the rest of the appointment went great, especially for a 22-month-old! She came home and wanted to floss her teeth every ten minutes and loved her little bag of goodies! Thanks again ... you all were awesome!” — Gaetana

“I am writing to applaud the effort, courtesy, time, and diligence your hygienist Margie gave my son Tyler today. Tyler was in the office today for his very first extraction to begin orthodontic treatment. Tyler was nervous, uneasy, and a bit overwhelmed. Margie took the time to give him direct eye contact, answer his questions and concerns, and even offer her advice in regards to taking Tylenol or Motrin before orthodontic work on 6/15. Margie was personable, pleasant, and always present with a smile. Margie, for that I thank you. Thank you for making Tyler’s experience bearable ... you are quite the team player!” — Olga

“Hi, I have written before to you regarding your outstanding employees and I have to again. My daughter, Rachel Kadagian, had an appointment last Friday in Huntington. My daughter had to learn how to maneuver her elastics for the first time and Christi was so patient and understanding with her. It did not matter to Christi that it was a Friday and that most people cannot wait to leave work, but Christi would have stayed all evening with her if she had to. She waited until Rachel felt comfortable and confident with her elastics. Christi took such wonderful care of Rachel. May is also exceptional. She always remembers who we are and takes the time to greet us in such a special way. She is always so happy. Again, your office is just so wonderful. Alison and Wendi have been so special from the very beginning. I love them both so much. They really know how to provide special care.” — Eileen

“Thank you so very much for the birthday wish and song sent to Evera on his ninth birthday! He played it nine times and we all got a kick out of it! Thank you so very much — we are so impressed and it made his day very special!” — LaRhonda

“Hello. Just want to say that my husband and I were impressed by your staff, and the atmosphere made it very comfortable for my son ... and the certificate of his first visit was awesome! Thanks for making his first visit enjoyable!” — Jermaine & Kisha

“Thanks again for helping me out today. Please tell Dr. Spadinger and Cindy they did an amazing job with Patrick. He had to have a tooth removed and they handled it with such compassion and gentleness (I was the one that actually needed the TLC). Anyway, on the way home he said, ‘What happened?’ He didn’t even know he had his tooth removed! He’s bringing his tooth to school for show and tell.” — Jill

“My daughter Grace just received a letter saying she won the shamrock picture contest. She is very excited and thanks you all for choosing her picture. She chose the Claire’s gift card for her prize. We are very impressed with everyone we have met at your office. Just a week ago she had a tooth pulled. I was more nervous for her than she was. Everyone did a fantastic job. Thank you again!” — Beth

“Thank you for creating such a safe and fun environment for John to come and have his teeth cleaned!! He is seven-and-a-half years old and this was his first successful cleaning/exam. I have been on cloud nine ever since and am so relieved we found the right place. My sister is a hygienist and told me that I have to keep looking until I find the office that is going to have the patience and not to settle for a dentist that ‘doesn’t get your kid.’ I’m so glad I kept looking!”

“I couldn’t stop talking about you guys and gave out your name to Stamford’s Autism Group. I will be including your website in our ‘Autism Night’ folder. This will be handed out to about 200 people on April 28.” — Lisa

“Just wanted to pass along my thanks. My wife brought my three-year-old autistic son in today for his first cleaning and had a great experience and went very well. The entire process was very nice. Please pass this along to whomever necessary. We will also be bringing in our typical daughter soon for her appointment — get ready for a jabber jaw — she will be five in May going on 30. Thank you.” — Mark

“Dear Dr. Spadinger and team, your concern and care in our emergency cannot be measured. Thank you very much!” — Isaiah O. & Family

“My four-year-old daughter was very anxious and frightened about her checkup and your hygienists went out of their way to make her comfortable and explained everything they were doing. They were friendly and warm and really made her cleaning a fun experience. (Both my son and my daughter also loved the toy/reward choices!) The offices were very well run and organized. I would recommend CPDG to my friends.” — Patti S.

“CPDG knows how to treat kids! My daughter can’t wait for her next appointment.” — Debbie S.

“My son Zach was a patient of yours from palate expander through full braces. He recently went to his high school prom. When his date’s Mom brought in the prom pictures to her work, everyone commented on how beautifully straight Zach’s teeth were. They said they’d never seen teeth so beautiful! I’ve enclosed one picture so you can see your handiwork. His cuteness may be due to mine and my husband’s genetics but that smile is all yours! It’s a killer!” — Robyn H.

“My daughter was the winner of the March Smile Club — she choose the Bow Tie Cinemas gift certificate as her prize. Thank you for all your services; you guys are really wonderful and I couldn’t be more satisfied.” — Diana J.

“My daughter was so excited to find out she was a winner in your snowman contest. What a great incentive for her to continue her good dental hygiene. And thanks to the advice from the hygienist who suggested I floss her teeth while she is lying down on the bed, it has worked beautifully. My daughter will even correct me that I must sit behind her like the hygienist does! For her prize, she has selected the gift certificate to Bow Tie Cinemas. Thank you so much.” — Mary F.

“Wow! Your practice never ceases to amaze me! My son couldn’t be more proud than he is today with being one of the winners in this month’s smile club! He choose the gift certificate for Waldenbooks as his prize. Thank you again for making his first few impressions so remarkable and unbelievably fantastic!” — Kerstin D.

“I must tell you that Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics represents the most joyous experience we have ever encountered in the field of healthcare! Incredible but true, our daughters, ages seven and ten, actually look forward to visiting you as a ‘fun’ experience on a Saturday morning. It’s simply wonderful from the moment they walk in the door — the stimulating waiting room full of diversionary activities, the cheery greetings from the hygienists and dental assistants to make them comfortable, the VCRs in your operatories for the kids to pop their Pokemon tapes into, the treatment that does not make them feel like they’re being treated, the personalized photo certificates and prizes they get as they leave, the phone call from you that very same evening inquiring how they’re doing — it doesn’t get any better! Plus, our older daughter’s recent first exposure to your resident orthodontist, argues well for a similarly rewarding experience. We tell all our friends about you — keep up the great work!” — Ralph & Suzanne N.

“I would love to give comments on your practice. Eddie said he really liked your giving him a Walkman for giving up the thumb sucking before getting his braces. Phillip likes the contests you have — the counting the jellybeans, the reasons why mom is so special, etc. He also likes the incentive program you have now in which you get points for on-time checkups, good oral hygiene, and following instructions. He never forgets to bring his card in to earn points toward movie or music certificates. Nick likes the clear retainer that nobody can see. He never forgets to take it to sleepovers because he’s not embarrassed to wear it and it’s so comfortable. I like the staff. They are knowledgeable, friendly — true professionals. Angie, Cindy, Michele, and Elsie are especially helpful. ” — Mary H.

“Many thanks for the wonderful work you did with both Kirstin’s and Rand’s teeth. We are so grateful. As we enjoy the kids’ happy smiles we will often think of your work, with thanks!” — Laurie

“Moments after your thoughtful call inquiring about Shannon’s well-being, she is devouring a Halloween donut (a favorite of hers found sparingly in our house) and working on one of her school projects. Andy, both Shannon and the two of us want to thank you. A simple extraction, which for you is probably rather mundane, is a very big deal to an eight-year-old. Thank you for making it a positive experience. Shannon likes you ... I guess that says it all.” — Wayne, Carol, and Shannon

“I just wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with your practice. My son Sean was there for a cleaning and later for cavity work. He was a little apprehensive before each appointment, yet everyone at the office made him feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I am very pleased that you have made my son’s first dental experience a positive one!” — Lisa M.

“Thank you for the terrific job you did with Jacob. You were gentle and were able to give him a fluoride treatment as well. We are glad that Jacob doesn’t need to take the chloral hydrate. Thanks again for your professional service.” — Laurel and Harold F.

“Thank you for making Paul’s first trip to the dentist a positive experience. I personally dreaded the thought of taking Paul to a dentist. As a PDD kid, sensory issues are crucial. All I can say is you were wonderful. You listened. You were so interactive and did everything possible to make Paul comfortable. I give children lots of respect and it is nice to see professionals who do the same. Thank you so very much.” — Julie and Paul H.

“I would like to thank everyone at Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics for making my children’s (Tyler & Tiffany Monteiro) dental experience a pleasant one. I was overwhelmed with the friendliness of the staff and the time they took to help me with my concerns. They made my children feel comfortable and made them feel welcomed, and that is just the kind of practice I was looking for. I am sure I have made a wonderful choice by sharing and experiencing the smiles on my children’s faces as they experienced their first dental visit. Thank you.” — Olga M.