Sedation Dentistry

Alleviating Children’s Fear of Pediatric Dentistry 

Our Bridgeport, Shelton and Westport pediatric dentists will consider the use of sedatives during certain pediatric dental treatments. We know that visiting the dentist can often be a scary and intimidating prospect for young children. Sedation dentistry is offered to help your child relax when he or she is afraid or fidgety, has low pain tolerance, has physical handicaps, or exhibits strong gag reflexes.

Sedation dentistry is endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA) and is a very safe and effective way to make your son or daughter comfortable during a dental visit. That is why our Bridgeport, Shelton and Westport , CT children’s dentists have incorporated it into their work.

Here at Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics, we provide oral and inhalation sedation, such as nitrous oxide or “laughing gas.” These sedatives are commonly used by pediatric dentists to provide a tranquil, peaceful setting for your child.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is often used as an inhalation analgesic during a dental procedure. It is administered with a mixture of oxygen and has a calming effect that helps anxious patients relax during their dental treatment.

Because it is a mild sedative, patients are still conscious and can talk to the pediatric dentist during their visit. When treatment is completed and the gas is turned off, patients will breathe oxygen for a few minutes to exhale any remaining laughing gas.

The effects wear off almost immediately. Nitrous oxide rarely has side effects, although some patients may experience minor nausea or vomiting.

Oral Sedatives

The medication will be provided by us and administered by an assistant in our office ONE HOUR before the scheduled treatment time. A member of our clinical staff will bring you and your little one into a treatment room where the medication will be administered to your child. We will then bring you back to the reception room where your son or daughter can play with a favorite toy from home or watch a movie.

The child will be taken into a treatment room again approximately 45 minutes to one hour after the medication has been given.

Important Notes for Parents

  • It is extremely important that your child has an EMPTY stomach during the treatment, so the medication will work most effectively. Your son or daughter may have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the evening prior to the appointment. For this reason, our office reserves the earliest morning appointments for our patients who require sedative procedures.
  • Your little one may be groggy after the appointment. It is advisable you come to the appointment only with your child. We recommend no heavy activity for your son or daughter for the remainder of the day. Your child may or may not sleep for a few hours after the appointment.
  • Please inform us of any medications your child is taking.

Operating Room Treatment

Sometimes, when it is impossible or impractical to restore your child's teeth in the dental office we will recommend they be treated at an outpatient surgical facility. The dental work is done in the operating room with an anesthesiologist present. We make the decision for hospital dentistry from a clinical and behavioral diagnosis. This type of procedure is utilized only when it is necessary to treat dental disease, to alleviate dental pain and to properly insure behavioral management.

Our surgical coordinator will guide you through the necessary paperwork and schedule an outpatient procedure.

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If you are parent in Bridgeport, Shelton, Westport or one of the surrounding communities and your child is very afraid of coming to the dentist or he or she has a physical handicap, please contact us today to see if sedation dentistry is right for your child.

Our pediatric dentists in Bridgeport, Shelton & Westport, CT are at the top of their field and have been trusted by thousands of parents in the local area for years. Please let us know if you have any questions at all, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you!